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My Buying Buddy Widget Demo

My Buying Buddy’s mobile app solution is in its final stages of development and we hope to have this live very soon. We are excited about delivering a new type of mobile solution that will be fully available from within your existing website.

Your clients will have a seamless home search experience, from Desktop to Tablet to Mobile phone.

But to take advantage of this, your website must be HTML5.

If you have a website from us (e.g. a Blue Fire Group WordPress website) then there’s nothing for you to do.
If you have a WordPress website hosted elsewhere then you should also be fine.
If you have a different type of website you will need to contact your webmaster to find out if your website is HTML5.

The My Buying Buddy mobile application is a new widget that is automatically loaded into your site. It will be aware of the User’s device and dynamically adjust the presentation of search etc, and the MBB application to fit the environment.

There will be no need for your clients to download special Apps. All they do is always go to YOUR website regardless of the device they are using (desktop, mobile, tablet).

There’s nothing you need to do apart from ensuring that you have a HTML5 compliant website!